A History of Brandeston Hall – New Book Celebrates 60th Anniversary

"This volume attempts not only to show how the role of the Hall and its relationship to the village has changed over the centuries, but also how education has evolved in the course of the 60 years that it has been a school. The range of illustrations serves to stimulate the historical imagination, and, for many, to ease gently open the channels of nostalgia and childhood memories. Conversely, this history of what has passed may also serve to remind generations-to-come of their rich historical legacy."

About the author: 
Norman Porter joined Brandeston Hall as an 11+ Direct Grant student in the early 1950s. Brandeston, Framlingham College and St Andrews University implanted the seeds that were to grow into a life-time teaching career, one which embraced primarily modern foreign languages and sports coaching. That career took him to Loretto School, Dulwich College, and Wellington College before it tapered gently away into a part-time, semi-retirement post at Woodbridge School on his return to Suffolk in 1997. 

In this book he brings together the varied perspectives of pupil, teacher, parent, sports coach, College Governor and Secretary of the Old Framlinghamians. He is well qualified to recognise qualities which make schools special. He also writes as one who has had a lifelong love of the county of Suffolk, together with a burgeoning interest in the history of the county. He has undertaken to write this book as a mark of affectionate gratitude to the school which started him off on his path through life.

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Having clicked the link to Amazon, you’ll find that they report that the book is "Temporarily Out of Stock".  However, below this, you’ll find a link stating: "2 new from £15.00".  Click on this link and you’ll find two separate listings: the first from Amazon – still temporarily out of stock; and a second from seller AL-BERT (aka Albert Publications).  This is the SOF’s publishing enterprise. Click on "Add to Basket" or "Buy with 1-Click", whichever is appropriate to your Amazon account.


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