2010 Annual Dinner

You are asked to note the following:

* Michael Holden is once again organising the Dinner. Contact details: MRK Holden, Eastings, 99 High Street, Linton, Cambs, CB21 4JT. Tel: 01223 891418. email. Please click to read Michael’s letter of invitation.

* Some OFs and their partners will need to travel considerable distances so we are arranging a full day out – not just the Dinner – in order that you can meet more of your friends and contemporaries. Norman Porter is organising a series of events, starting with a buffet lunch at the Queen’s Head followed by a planned walk around the area. Other events follow including a vintage car parade, tennis, golf etc. Please click to see schedule for all the day’s plans.

* Because of the special nature of the event, it is expected that tickets will be in short supply. Michael strongly recommends that you click to download an Application form and make your application for tickets as soon as possible.

* In order to encourage younger OFs to attend, a special discount (£20 instead of the full price of £30) will be made available to the first 30 under-30 paid-up applicants for tickets.


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