150th Anniversary Alaskan Event breaks records!

Yes, you read that right, an Alaskan event!! Just when I thought the last SOF Overseas event to celebrate 150th anniversary had been held in Hamburg, I hear from Nick Carlton (G63-70) that a celebration was held in Alaskan waters on Saturday 8 August 2015. Nick as many of you will know is a long standing captain with Princess cruises and is currently captaining Grand Princess. On board for this latest cruise was OF Bryan Pearson (S45-47) and his wife Celestine. Bryan is the only OF based in Hawaii and has cruised with Nick as captain a number of times.

They decided to have an impromptu lunch to celebrate the 150th Anniversary in what was fittingly called College Fjord, which is the northern sector of Prince William Sound. At latitude 61 degrees North this is definitely the most northerly of the 150th celebrations and in fact the most northerly OF event ever. In what again must be a first, a special cake was also made by the onboard Italian Pastry Chef, Beniamino.

Click here to read a detailed report and see a number of photos of the scenery, food, cake and a couple of OFs resplendent in their OF ties.


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