100 year old postcards come to light

FURTHER UPDATE : John has also supplied fascinating front and back pictures of 1935 Churchman cigarette packet featuring OF tie! These have been added to gallery using the link below.

UPDATE : John Ineson (G43-50) saw the previous article that Daniel Streeter had sent in some postcards and has now sent in some additional one’s from the same period around 100 years ago. If you are a registered member please click here to see the full set. There is for example an amazing postcard image from 1906 showing a very overgrown castle, before English Heritage came along!

Original story : Daniel Streeter (R84-89) some time ago kindly sent us a series of postcards images of the College around 1910/20s, with the coloured Castle card postmarked 1906. At the time he sent them, the Gallery on the website was being redeveloped but it is now fully up and running. The postcards offer a fascinating insight into what life was like at the College around 100 years.

If any OFs have other postcards or views on exactly when some of these images were taken, we’d very much like to hear from you. Please e-mail


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