Distinguished Old Framlinghamians

Framlingham is rooted in the county of Suffolk, but Framlinghamians have spanned the world from the age of Empire, through times of conflict and into the modern era, in pursuit of trade and adventure. There are those who have made their mark in business, sports, academics, as artists and writers, in agriculture, in the services, the media and in the world of entertainment. You can learn about them here, and you can nominate additions.

Made the Ultimate Sacrifice

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Mr Hubert Frank Anthony (1911-1916)

Royal Flying Corps (RFC)

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Mr Edward Aston Newling (1911-1915)

Royal Norfolk Regiment

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Mr Donald Frank P Spurgeon

Mr Donald Frank P Spurgeon (1910-1915)

2nd Lt, London Regiment

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Mr William Howell Stapleton (1913-1915)

2nd Lt, Bedford Regiment, attached to Royal Berkshires

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Mr Spencer Leslie Hatten Symonds (1913-1915)

2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC)

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Mr John Gordon Barrymore Baines (1913-1914)

2nd Lt, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, attached to Royal Flying Corp.

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Major Charles Hereward Becker (1912-1914)

Major, East Surrey Regiment. Whilst the memorial clearly says Major all the evidence points to him being a Captain.

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Mr Leslie Arthur Hogg (1908-1914)

London Regiment

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Mr Eric Gordon Joyce

Mr Eric Gordon Joyce (1911-1914)

2nd Lt, Suffolk Regiment

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Mr Kenneth LeGai Mills (1908-1914)

2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC). Born 1898 in Beverley, Yorks. Killed in action at Bethune, France on 11 November 1917. He... Read more

2nd Lt, Royal Flying Corps (RFC). Born 1898 in Beverley, Yorks. Killed in action at Bethune, France on 11 November 1917. He is buried at Chocques Cemetery.

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Mr Robert Lindsay Montgomery (1912-1914)

Royal Field Artillery

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Mr Albert George Rice (1910-1914)

London Regiment

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Mr George Frank Barton (1906-1913)

2nd Lt, Norfolk Regiment

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Mr Gilbert Clare Fitzherbert MC (1907-1913)

Lt, Yorks & Lancs Regiment

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Mr Joseph Claude Antoine Hobart (1910-1913)

2nd Lt, Royal Sussex Regiment

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We have no hard and fast rules about who should be recognised as a “Distinguished Old Framlinghamian”, and are always interested to hear about people who are exceptional in all sorts of ways – so please feel free to click on the link below, and complete a nomination form.