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What a coincidence when hockey caps presented recently

What a coincidence when hockey caps presented recently

The Hockey Museum in Woking, which is the national treasure trove of British hockey history, makes occasional presentations of Great Britain honours caps to former player and the family of former hockey players.  One such presentation was made on 23 September 2023 to the sons of the late Norman Borrett (S31-36) and to Tony Parson (R61-66) .

Most of their presentations are now single or to only a couple of players at a time. Such an event took place at The Hockey Museum when the family of England captain Norman Borrett, who died in 2004, and former Welsh GB player Tony Parsons visited for their presentations.  Both parties were completely unaware of each other, hailing from different nations and being of different international eras: Norman from the 1948 Olympic Games and Tony from the 1970s.

However, the most remarkable coincidence transpired when Tony revealed that he had been taught his hockey at Framlingham College by none other than Norman Borrett! Hockey never ceases to amaze us with its ability to make a big world feel so small and connected.

Picture left to right are Mike Smith (The Hockey Museum President and Hon. Curator), Tony Parsons (Wales and GB), and Tony (50-55) and Tim Borrett (58-63) (sons of Norman Borrett, England and GB).


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