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Welcome to the OF Society pages, which we hope will provide you with everything you want to know about what we try to do, how we’re run, our Honorary Members, and how you can provide financial support to the Society and its associated Charity


Nicholas Ashley Mark Whitehead


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Past Presidents

Brian Rosen, Graham Osborne, Jim Blythe, Robert Smith, Richard Sayer, Barry Lorkin, Air Cdre Jon Ford, Richard Overend, Norman Porter, Andrew Wright, Brian Smith, Air Vice Marshal Simon Dougherty MBE, Chris Essex, John Ellerby, Peter Howard-Dobson

Vice Presidents

Bruce Henderson, John Podd, David Bellamy, Ian Foster, John Horton, James Ruddock-Broyd, Nick Jacob, Michael Powlesland, Mike Garnett, Alan Bewick, Tony Martin, Robin Smallwood, Michael Smy, Bill Collard, Richard Rowe, Nigel Burnip, Peter Howard-Dobson, Ruth Elwood, Keith Handley, Peter Golding, Michael Holden, Tim Mitchell, Douglas Thomson, John Rankin, David Carr, James Mehta, Chris Keeble, Norman Mayhew, David Mallett, David Turnbull, Bob Williams, Clive Smith, Matt Truman, Hetta O’Connor, Tony Lawrence, Ian Howard, Richard Binder, Robert Mayhew, Tom Wornham, Neville Marsh, Andrew Baker, Chris Sneath, John Thurlow, Chris Shaw, Richard Graves, Jonny Newton, Robin Anderton, David Mitchell, Mark Robinson, Andy Towler, Chris Hobson, Colin Wigg, Jane Easey, Jenny Binder, Kim Dickel, Martin Myers-Allen, Mike Bullock, Alex Henney, Luke Quartermaine.


Chris Essex (Chair), Michael Smy, Peter Howard-Dobson, Nick Jacob, Mike Coker, Tim Mitchell.

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Hon. Treasurer

David Carr

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Hon. General Secretary

Ruth Elwood

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Finance Committee

The President, The President-designate (if appointed), The Trustees, Hon Treasurer, Hon General Secretary, Nigel Burnip (Shooting), David Turnbull (Golf), Luke Quartermaine (Sports Co Ordinator), Kate Jackson (OF Co Ordinator), Luke Quartermaine (Chair Young OF Committee), Jack Bullen (The Arts)

OF Council

The above officers, together with the following:

To retire Spring 2026:
Cam Greenhall, Christina Johnston, Slava Johnston, Archie Winter
To retire Spring 2025
Joe Lipman

Moreau Mentor members:
Kirsty Wybar, Mimi O’Neill, Sophie Mackie, Ele Williamson, Rob Norman, René Bahar, Coral Langridge

Supper Secretaries (not represented otherwise):

Moreau Scholars:
2019-2022 Amy de Selincourt (extended to 2023),
2020-2023 Amelia Slater, Sam Ponty
2021-2024 Georgie Cantrell, Oscar Endean
2022-2025 Tamsin Holmes, Satine Margaryan
2023-2026 Lyla Endean, Maja Theisen

College Representatives:
The Principal; Martin Myers-Allen.

SOF Newspaper / Yearbook Editor

Kate Jackson

Email Editor

Independent Examiner

Ensors Accountants LLP