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A copy of those books highlighted in red are held in the College Library






Charles Joseph Palmer (1865-67) One hundred books to read and enjoy
  Pamphlet on Bimetallism and wild flowers of the Ipswich District
Rev William Thomas Gidney (1865) Missions to Jews
John Foreman (1867) History of the Philippine Islands
John William Simpson Ladell (1869) Cattle of Southern India
William Martin Baker (1869-75) Elementary Dynamics
  Algebraic Geometry
  The Calculus for Beginners
  The Public School Arithmetic
  Elementary Algebra
  Elementary Mensuration
  Elementary Graphs
  Elementary Geometry
  A School Geometry
Sir William Hales-White (1870-74) A Textbook of General Therapeutics
  The Means by which the Temperature of the Body is Maintained in Health and Disease
  Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  A Textbook of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  Common Affections of the Liver
  Bacon, Gilbert and Harvey
  Great Doctors of the Nineteenth Century
  Keats as Doctor and Patient
Dr William Gilmore Ellis (1875-77) The Amok of the Malays
  Latah; a Mental Malady of the Malays
  A contribution to the Pathology of Beri Beri
Rev Dr William John Limmer Sheppard (1875-77) The Lord’s Coming and the World’s End
  The Parochial Mission
  The Words of the Crucified
  Great Hymns and their Stories
  The Revelation
Sir Alfred Munnings KCVO PRA (1891-2) Ballads and Poems : or A Rhyming Succession of Rhyming Digression
  Artist’s Life
  Second Burst
Edwin George MAWBY (1889-97) Manual on bayonet exercise
Sir Claud Ramsey Wilmot Seton MC (1896-99) Legislation of Transjordan 1918-30
Walter Noble DFC (1897-1901) With a Bristol Fighter Squadron
Joseph Stanley Hopwood CBE (1897-1904) Child Murder and Insanity
  Amnesia in Relation to Crime
  Observations on the relation of Alcohol to Criminal Insanity
John Booth (1898-1903) The Old Vic
  A Short Life of Shakespeare
  Shakespeare and France
  Framlingham College – The First Sixty Years
  Framlingham College Register
  The Prisoners of Framlingham
  Framlingham Castle, Church and College
  Nicholas Danforth and His Neighbours
Sir Albert James Walton KCVO (1898-99) Fractures and Separated Epiphyses
  A Texbook of Surgical Dyspepsias
Reginald Stuart Le May (1898-1902) An Asian Arcady
  Siamese Tales, Old and New
  The Coinage of Siam
  Buddist Art in Siam
  The Ceramic Works of Siam
  Records of the Le May Family in England (1630-1950)
Captain Robert Whymper MC (1898-1903) Cocoa and Chocolate
  The Manufacture of Chocolate
Rev Canon Arthur Browne-Wilkinson MC (1901-02) The Confirmation School
  Common Prayer for Children
  Pastoral Work among Children
Sir Frederick Minter GCVO JP (1901-04) The King’s beasts : St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle
Captain Augustus Willington Shelton Agar VC DSO RN (1902-03) Footprints in the Sea
  Showing the Flag
  Baltic Episode
Ernest Edmund Fresson OBE (1901-05) Air Road to the Isles
Colonel Charles Robinson Robbins MC DFC (S1911-14) Book on Aerial Photography
George Newbury (S16-19) The Apostles Creed: What I Really Believe After Ninety Years
Alec John Forrest (K23-26) Interpol: a series of broadcasts on recent research (1955)
  Village Cricket (1957)
  But Some there be (1957)
  Under Three Crowns (1961)
  Masters of Flint (1963)
Benjamin William Fickling (G24-27) Injuries of Jaws and Face
Douglas Brown (27-31) Religion in Britain since the Second World War
Norman Francis Borrett (R31-36) Hockey for Men and Women
  Improving your Hockey
Arthur Rowland Staniforth (S31-39) Straw and Straw Craftsmen (Shire Albums) (March 1999)
  Imperial Echoes: the Sudan People, History & Agriculture (March 2000)
  Farmers – From Producers to Park Keepers (July 2006)
Canon William Loveless (R33-38) Destiny Delayed
Ian Denys Peek(R35-38) One Fourteenth of an Elephant - A memoir of life and death on the Burma-Thailand Railway
Anthony Matthew Cooper (R35-39) Somehow They Knew: A True Love-Story
  We Who Knew
Brian Aldiss OBE (36-39) The Brightfount Diaries
  Hothouse (1962)
  The Saliva Tree (1966)
  Helliconia Spring (1982)
  The Hand-Reared Boy (1970)
  A Soldier Erect (1971)
  Bury My Heart at W. H. Smith's: A Writing Life (1990)
  The Twinkling of an Eye or My Life as an Englishman (1998)
  When the Feast is Finished (1999)
  Home Life with Cats (1992)
  A Plutonian Monologue on His Wife's Death (2000)
  Frankenstein Unbound
  Supertoys Last All Summer Long, Super-State (2002)
  Jocasta (2005)
Ivor Noel Hume OBE (36-39) Archaeology in Britain (1952)
  Treasure in the Thames (1956)
  Tortoises, Terrapins & Turtles (1958)
  Great moments in Archaeology (1958)
  Excavations at Rosewell in Gloucester County, Virginia, 1957- 1959 (1962)
  Here Lies Virginia: An Archaeologist's View of colonial Life and History (1963) td>
  Excavations at Tutter's Neck in James City County, Virginia (1966)
  1775; another part of the field (1966)
  Historical Archaeology: A Comprehensive Guide for Both Amateurs and Professionals to the Techniques and Methods of Excavating Historical Sites (1968)
  The Wells of Williamsburg: Colonial Time Capsules (1969)
  A Guide To Artifacts Of Colonial America (1969)
  All the best rubbish (1974 – to be reissued in 2009)
  American history: First look at a lost Virginia settlement (1979)
  The Virginia Adventure: Roanoke to James Towne : An Archaeological and Historical Odyssey (1994)
  Shipwreck! (1995)
  If These Pots Could Talk: Collecting 2,000 Years of British Household Pottery (2001)td>
  Civilized Men A James Towne Tragedy (2005)
  Something From the Cellar: More of This & That (2006)
  The Bicyclist, (written 2007, awaiting publication)
  Play - Smith! Being the life and death of Cap'n John (2007)
  Play - Dapper Dicky or Pepys in Person (2008)
  Wreck and Redemption (March 2009)
  A Passion for the Past (Autobiography – published in 2010)
  Belzoni: The Giant Archaeologists Love to Loathe (published in 2011)
  Gin Legacy of the Doomed (published in December 2013)
  Various articles in Colonial Williamsburg archaeological series
Percival Stuart Bryce Rossiter (G36-41) The London Quiz Book
  Blue Guides to Athens, Greece, England, Northern Italy, Paris, Crete, London, Malta, Wales, Yugoslavia
  Stamp Atlas (1986)
John Michael Townend (R37-40) Overture to Life – based on experiences in Canada and USA while training as Fleet Air Arm pliot at age of 18.
Anthony Rosen (S40-48) England's Pleasant Land: Farming - Vision and Reality (1988)
  An Unordinary Life - Memoirs of Anthony Rosen (2007)
Laurence Godfrey Burr (41-45) Book on British Bank Notes
Reginald William Cooper (G41-46) Sell Up and Sail (now in 5th edition) (How to do it)
  Watersteps through France (A voyage via the French Canals to the Camargue)
  A Spell in Wild France (Life and customs of the Camargue)
  Sail into the Sunset (advice for elderly sailors)
  Back Door to Byzantium (a voyage from the English Channel to Istanbul via the Danube and the Black Sea)
  Watersteps round Europe (a voyage by barge from Greece to Gt Yarmouth)
  Sell Up and Cruise the Inland Waterways
Alasdair Eoin Aston (G41-48) Gloriana Rediviva (Poem)
Douglas William Foster (K42-44 Managing for Growth
  Management Quadrille
  Planning for Products and Markets
IAN BRACKENBURY CHANNELL (42-45) aka The Wizard of New Zealand My Life as a Miracle
Len Evans OBE AO (G42-48) Complete Book of Australian Wine (1990)
Rt Rev George Edward “David” Pytches (K44-48) Come Holy Spirit: Learning to Minister in Power (1985)
  Liturgy and Liberty (1989)
  Does God Speak Today? (1989)
  Some Said It Thundered:A Personal Encounter with the Kansas City Prophets (1990)
  What Is the New Age? (1990)
  Prophecy in the Local Church: A Practical Handbook and Historical Overview (1993)
  Going Empty Handed (1996)
  The Hot Line: How Can We Hear God Speak - Today? (1997)
  Leadership For New Life (1998)
  John Wimber: A Tribute by David Pytches (1998)
  Out of the Mouth of Babes (1999)
  Four Funerals and a Wedding (1999)
  Words of Knowledge (1999)
  Healing Ministry Training (1999)
  Healing Ministry and Pastoral Prayer Ministry: An Introduction for the Local Church (1999)
  Living at the Edge (2002)
  Burying the Bishop (2002)
  Family Matters (2002)
  Church Matters (2002)
  Can Anyone Be A Leader? (2004)
  Upside Down - Living The Beatitudes In The 21st Century (2007)
John Percy Ineson (G43-50) Paper Currency of the Anglo Boer War, 1899-1902
John James Maulden (G45-50) Into the Third Millenium (2012)
Rev Canon David John Pitcher (R44-51) All Change for Framlingham (2002)
James Ruddock-Broyd (G46-52) A Grindelwald - Belvedere Story (2020)
Humphrey Edwin Truman (G49-52) The Man Who Knows (December 1997)
Ian Foster (K46-53) More By Luck Than Judgement (2020)
  The Silver Spoon (2022)
John “Tony” Harvey (46-53) If St. Peter Has Hounds
  Not a Penny in the Post
Chris Shaw (K50-56) It's All Relative: Stories to Shorten your Travel Time (2009)
  Hey, Guys! Here's how you get more "Nooky"! (2011)
  HMS Warspite; My Memories of World War II; Wally Shaw (2012)
  My New Country (2013)
  Never Let The Truth (2014)
  1865-2015 The Society of Old Framlinghamians Australia and New Zealand Commemorative Dinner (2015)
  A Trillionaire's Pathway: My Fantasy Hotel (2017)
  The Imposter: A Norfolk Romance (2019)
  Counter Punch: The Story of a World Champion Boxer (2020)
Norman Howard Porter (K50-57) The History of Brandeston Hall (2009)
  Walking Through History - an illustrated histroy of Great and Little Bealings(2021)
David Paul Boulton (S51-57) A Square Deal All Round ... the history of Perkins Engines: 1932 to 2006 (2008)
Professor John Iliffe (G52-57) A modern history of Tanganyika (1979)
  The African poor: a history ( 1987)
  Africans: the history of a continent (1995)
  East African doctors: a history of the modern profession (1998)
  Honour in African History (2005)
Michael Pearson Garnett OAM ASM (53-55) A History of Royal Tennis in Australia (1983)
  Tennis, Rackets & Other Ball Games (1986)
  Royal Tennis for the Record (1991)
  A Chase Down-Under (1999)
  A Tennis Miscellany (2006)
  Kyneton Mounted Rifle Corps (2013)
  Romsey's Tribute 1914-1919 (2017)
  Yeomanry Regiments of Great Britain and the Colonies (2018)
  Tennis Histories & Mysteries(2020)
Professor Neville Marsh (S53-61) Fibrinolysis (1981)
  The History of Queen Elizabeth College (1986)
  Island in the Flood (2011)
Richard John Sayer (S56-61) Master Sportsman, the story of Norman Borrett (2011)
Stephen Thomas Sayer (S58-63) Negotiating International Joint Venture Agreements (December 1998)
Peter Lockwood (R57-64) Virginia’s Civil War Battlefields (1995)
Robert Bowman Clarke (R59-64) Wicked To Fly (2011)
  The Insider Guide to Greece (2012)
  Ticket To Ride (2017)
  Stick it To Survive (2019)
Mike Waldren QPM (K61-64) Armed Police: The Police use of Firearms Since 1945
  London’s Armed Police : 1829 to the Present
John Fruer Bridges (S57-66) Framlingham: Portrait of a Suffolk town (1975)
  Early Country Motoring: Cars and Motorcycles in Suffolk, 1896-1940 (Oct 1995)
  The Commercial Life of a Suffolk Town, Framlingham around 1900 (2007)
  Framlingham A Tour Through Time (2021)
Bruce Pearson (G62-67) Collins Guide to the Rare Mammals of the World (Collaboration)
  The Countryside in Winter (Collaboration with Brian Jackman 1985)
  An Artist on Migration (1991)
  La Camargue – Carnets du Littoral (1997)
  Artists for Nature in Alaska (A contributory artist 1998)
  In a New Light (2003)
  White Horizons: British Art from Antarctica 1775-2006 (Collaboration 2006)
  Birdscape (1991) (A collaboration with Robert Burton)
  Troubled Waters; Trailing the Albatross, An artist's Journey' (2012)
Nigel Frederick Parsons (R64-68) Manouche: Living with the Gypsies of France (2019)
Chris Hall (G62-69) Heavens' Embroidered Cloths - One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles
  Powerdressing : Textiles for Rulers
Barry Purves (R68-73) Stop Motion : Passion, Process and Performance (December 2007)
Charles Blackmore (K65-75) The Worst Desert on Earth: Crossing the Taklamakan (July 1996)
  Crossing the Desert of Death: Through the Fearsome Taklamakan (September 2000)
  In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia (Mar 2006)
Pete Talbot (R71-76) Tarka and me
Nick Marsden (G72-76) Shedding Skin
Dr David Bull (Z80-87) Cool and Celibate?: Sex and No Sex
  What Every Girl Should Know
Anna Rush (P84-94) Your Horse's Health - First Aid (2008)
Leslie “Bob” Gillett (Hon OF) Framlingham College: The Second Sixty Years (1992)
  Remembered Days: The S.O.F. Centenary Book (2000)
  The Apprentice (1978)