SOF Northern Gathering 2024

  • Date 17 August 2024
  • Start time 12:00
  • End time 15:00
  • Venue Royal Scots Club, 29-31 Abercromby Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6QE
  • Email
  • Price TBA

There will be an OF Northern Gathering on Saturday 17 August 2024 at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh.  The form will be slightly different from past gatherings as OF’s are increasingly uninterested on formal suppers in a private room.

This gathering will be a lunch in the dining room of the Royal Scots Club – no private room.  Start to be in the bar at 12.00 before perambulating to the dining room.  OF’s will chose, and pay individually, from the standard menu of the day.  The table will be expanded by the Royal Scots Club as others express a wish to attend  from the initial five of us that will be attending.

The Gathering is timed to co-incide with the Edinburgh Festival, Fringe and Tattoo.  Tickets for the Tattoo are now available.  Why not have a holiday in Scotland around the Gathering.

As before this event is very much for partners of OF’s as well as OF’s themselves.

Please let me know if you wish to attend by emailing me at

Event Organisers

Douglas Thomson


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