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Old Framlinghamians at the World Long Range Championships

Old Framlinghamians at the World Long Range Championships

James Mehta (S67-75) and John Halahan (S72-75) were honoured to be selected for the Great Britain Veterans team, shooting in the World Long Range Championships, held in Bloemfontein, South Africa in March 2024.   The GB Rifle Team consisted of not only our Veteran team, but the “Palma” (a senior GB team) as well as Under-21s and Under-25s, so all in all there were about seventy UK shooters assembling in Bloemfontein. Competition is truly international, with similar teams from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Channel Islands, Japan, Germany, and of course the hosts South Africa.

Click here to read their full report and photos.


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Jon Ford

Wednesday 03 April 2024

Fantastic to represent your Country! Congratulations James and John! Look forward to seeing you both at Bisley 'ere long!

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