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Halford Hewitt Centenary Dinner 2024

Halford Hewitt Centenary Dinner 2024

The Halford Hewitt Centenary Dinner at The Great Room, The Grosvenor House Hotel, London  1924 – 2024

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Richard Graves (S78-82) provided the following report :

Jonny Newton (OFGS Halford Hewitt Captain) and Richard Graves had the pleasure of attending The Halford Hewitt Centenary Dinner on Wednesday 10 th January, 2024

The Halford Hewitt is the largest amateur golf tournament in the World, held in the Spring and hosted by Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, Deal  and Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Sandwich.

Sixty Four Schools enter, with teams of ten playing scratch foursomes.

Traditionally, Public Schools Golfing Society AGM and the draw for the annual Halford Hewitt event is held in January of each year at the East India Club.   However, for 2024 being our Centenary Year, the Halford Hewitt Committee took the opportunity to incorporate the draw at The Centenary Dinner.

The Dinner was held in The Great Room at The Grosvenor House and was attended by close to 800 people.   There was a champagne reception commencing at 5.30pm followed by the AGM and Draw.   The draw was conducted by Nick Owen – Secretary / Dulwich, with Committee Members from Felsted and Uppingham drawing Numbers.

Framlingham have drawn Clifton this year on Thursday 11th April at Royal St.George’s.   Tee Time : 10.50am

Dinner and plenty of fine wine flowed following the Draw.   Jonny and Richard shared a table with King Edward’s Birmingham who our OF Hewitt side know very well.

The Guest Speaker was Andrew Reynolds who has only recently retired from being the Head Professional at Royal Cinque Ports, Deal.   Andrew took great pleasure in reminding all of us that he attended Woking Grammar, so far less ‘privileged’ than the vast majority of the evening’s attendees.   Andrew has witnessed no less than 43 Hewitt Events during his time at Deal so is all too familiar with what it takes to hit the first drive, with a strong on shore breeze, car park in range and, spectators lining the Club balcony.   No pressure !

For 2024, the Hewitt Committee has arranged for all 64 Schools to fly their School Flag / Coat of Arms on flag poles lining Golf Road at Royal Cinque Ports.   It should look quite spectacular and very fitting for our Centenary Year celebration.



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