Halford Hewitt 2015 – Lost in the Fog!

Some held the French to blame because of poluted air drifting over the Channel,  yet only a few miles down the coast it was blazing sunshine and clear skies.   

The Framlingham v Shrewsbury Match was the last match of the day, teeing off at 3.20pm but, by the time most matches had reached the turn, you could not make out which green to aim for, the fog having rolled in so thickly.  At the time play was suspended, at around 5.00pm, we were up in two matches and down in three, so it was back to the Pegwell  Bay Hotel that evening to assess our position.
We returned at 8.00am on the Friday morning when play resumed.   Gavin and Charlie, having been up in their match the previous evening, were thrown some serious sub-par golf by their opponents over the closing holes, and lost at the 17th. They had played some great golf, but just came up against a hot pairing on the morning.   Richard and Peter did not have one of most productive days, yet behind us, Lottie and Johnny were playing superbly and would have won their match comfortably.   Perhaps the performance of the morning though came from Rob and Will who, having been in some trouble at close of play the night before, then proceeded to rattle off and win 5 of the next 7 holes, with Will draining a 40 foot putt on the 14th for birdie to go 2 up. Our anchor pair of Matt and Jonny came up against Shrewbury’s best pairing and came second.
The final result was recorded as Shrewsbury 4 – Framlingham 1, but it only appears this way because we had to accept halved matches on the two games still in progress, at the point where we’d lost the overall match,  when in fact we were up in both.   It was an exceptionally tight match, in which Gavin and Charlie’s match proved pivotal.
Our Plate match was vs Glenalmond.   We rotated the team to allow other members of the Squad to have a game, but went down 2-1.
The Hewitt draw had been unkind to us once again, since Shrewsbury have been past winners of the Tournament.  That said, we have plenty to build on for 2016.
Patrick Spraggs also joined us and offered professional advice, and the Squad would like to thank Andrew Wright, David Turnbull and Norman Porter for offering their support on the day.
Thanks also to Andrew Towler, who did another fantastic job arranging accommodation for everyone throughout the week.


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