René Bahar

2017 - 2020

I joined Fram in year 9 from a very small Prep school, Old Buckenham Hall School, Brettenham. I had never moved schools before as I spent 13 years at OBH, so moving to Fram was a huge change for me and I was extremely nervous. As soon as I arrived I immediately felt a sense of community and really welcome. I have loved my 5 years as a weekly boarder in Moreau House. I’ve tried to get as involved in every aspect of school life as I possibly could. Away from my studies, I Vice Captained the 1st team Netball and played 1st and 2nd team Hockey as well as a bit of recreational tennis and swimming. I have loved sport at Fram, not only playing it, but also supporting others. In my final two years I was made Leader of the Orchestra and the String Orchestra playing the violin, as well as becoming a Sergeant in the College’s CCF. I took part in the Model United Nations at the Hague, Netherlands, as well as at Felsted School. Perhaps my favourite aspect of extra-curricular life was the house dancing and singing competitions, which were full of fun and laughter, even if we weren’t always successful!

In my final year I was given the honour of being Head of School. This was a huge responsibility and one which I have loved every second of. Granted, it has been very tough at times, but it has taught me a lot about myself, as well as my peer group and has given me the confidence and skills to take leadership in any situation, whilst highlighting the importance of teamwork – a skill which I’m hoping to utilise when organising events for my year-group.

I chose to study English, Maths and Geography at A Level and I’m hoping to study English Literature at Exeter University in September 2017. After university, I’d like to complete a Masters Degree and then hopefully go into family law, or something of the sort.

I’ve met friends for life at Fram and have formed relationships which I know will continue long into the future. I am looking forward to maintaining these connections, not only with my peers but also with the school and the Society of Old Framlinghamians. Fram has provided me with the most amazing opportunities and I’m so grateful to the school and the staff who have made my time here so special.