Oscar Endean

2021 - 2024

I joined Framlingham at the beginning of year 11, and while it was a weird time to join the College I quickly found my place within Stradbroke house, boarding three nights a week. I soon got involved in all areas of the school, from hockey to co-curricular activities like dog walking. In the sixth form I extended my activities by joining the charity committee, of which, in my final year I have been the head. I was also proudly given the first prefect position for Global Awareness, one of Principal North’s new roles aimed at international relations, and making the school more globally aware. I was also heavily involved in the Design & Technology department after being awarded a scholarship to the sixth form. This scholarship fuelled my passion for design and really helped me in the process of applying to university, as well as personally motivating me. I loved organising and throwing events for the school, and it is something I am going to miss very much. For the last three years I have very much thought of Fram as my second home.

I have high aspirations for my future, with becoming a world-famous luxury yacht designer being the primary goal. I am also interested in the idea of setting up a bespoke glamping company, and perhaps even a vineyard to craft my own wines. From September 2021 I will be studying Yacht Design and Production at Solent University, something I have wanted to study since the age of 12. The final push to get me there was down to Fram.

My A Level subjects of Design & Technology, Photography and Geography have allowed me to be really creative and free, while still having some essay-based work in geography. I found Photography and DT worked really well together as I could transfer my skills between the two subjects. Now I’m leaving Fram I have so many more skills within these subjects’ areas. Studying Photography gave me a new line of creativity and it is something I wish to keep doing as a hobby. My other hobbies include designing, water sports (such as sailing and stand-up paddle boarding), golf, tennis, reading and cooking. Recently I have been really getting into cooking, I like the drama and then the praise you get from crafting great tasty food. I am confident I will eat well at university and can’t wait to cook for friends.

I have made some really close friends, many of whom I hope to keep in contact with forever, and by having the Moreau scholarship I really hope to keep as many of us together as possible. I am really looking forward to bringing my ideas to the role and hope to be a strong member of the society for years to come.