Maja Theisen

2023 - 2026

I joined Framlingham College for year 11 in September 2020 as an international student. Before that I went to many different schools in Germany but quickly realized, from my first week onwards at the College, that I’ve never felt as welcome and happy in any other school but Framlingham.

It was a nerve-wracking situation to begin with. Being the new one in a different country away from home got me really worried, but from the second I set foot in the College I got greeted in the most welcoming and kindest way that right after day one I hadn’t had one single doubt left in my mind . Covid-19, surprisingly and especially, really benefited me in my first year. With the second lockdown around the corner and flights from and to Germany getting cancelled, many of my friends, who I’d only met a few months ago, invited me to stay at theirs during the whole duration of the lockdown. Living with my friends and their families was not only a big benefit for my language but I’ve also got to see a whole different side of the English culture and learned to appreciate it more.

Initially it was planned for me to only stay at the college for a year, but after realizing that I had truly found my home away from home, I decided to stay till the end, and I can proudly say that this was and will always be the best decision I have made.

During my time at the College I finished my studies with four subjects, German, Biology, Business and Drama. Though some may think this is a strange constellation of subjects, it allowed me to study loads of different aspects and not fully close off a chapter of my further interests.

I am still undecided what exactly I want to study, so taking a wide variety of subjects really benefited me in gaining a feel for all of them. Would it be a chaotic experiment with Dr. Noble or Mrs. Collins, a fun but competitive business challenge with Mrs. Style or Mr. Shelver, or a hilarious improv session with Mr. Moore? Looking back I have enjoyed every moment of it!

Taking a 3-year exchange in Framlingham made me realize how much I love getting to know other countries and cultures. I see myself blooming whenever discovering something/somewhere else in this world. Hence, this coming September, I will be starting my gap year in LA, Hawaii and San Diego. And at the end of February I’m striving to travel to the other side of the world, Australia and South east Asia. Not only will this help me explore other continents but might also help me find my real passion for my later studies. And who knows, with the help of “Connect@Fram” I might see one or two OFs on my travels.

Being awarded the Moreau scholarship is an unbelievable honor and I am so grateful to be receiving this. The school has done so much for me and now I’ve got a real opportunity to give back to the College and show my gratitude. I can’t wait to be organizing, hosting and attending loads of different OF events and reconnecting with many teachers, OFs, pupils and especially with all my peers again.

There’s no doubt that I will be coming back to the college, it truly is a magical place and the last three years have been nothing but great. I enjoyed every second of this ride and, thanks to the College preparing me, I now can’t wait to see what the future will bring.