Lyla Endean

2023 - 2026

I joined Framlingham College at the start of Sixth form and was warmly welcomed by the whole community, and from day one I was given so many different and incredible opportunities and enjoyed taking part in many aspects of the College life. When I reflect upon my time at the College now, I recognise how much it has shaped me, by challenging me to leave my comfort zone as well as by supporting me in everything that I aimed to achieve.

Looking back now, I feel so lucky to have been a part of Moreau House, where all the girls where so kind, enthusiastic and talented and I am glad to have made many memories with them all, but particularly the Moreau year 13 group with whom I share some of my fondest moments. As Head of Moreau, I wanted everyone to feel as happy and comfortable in the college as I did, and I hope that the girls of Moreau continue to strive in everything they do!

From my two years at Fram studying Art, Drama and Spanish A levels, the College really pushed me to explore different ideas, which only added to my love for the subjects. Ultimately leading me to pursue a career in the Creative and Performing Arts Industry, looking to work for both film and theatre, whether that be designing the costumes and set, or performing on the stage and screen. I hope to study Fine Art and Theatre at Reading University, where I am looking forward to using different media and receiving guidance from professionals already working within the industry.

Post University, I would love to explore art and theatre abroad, understanding new cultures and meeting new people, and my Spanish A level will give me the confidence to work within an International Creative Firm. From the many speaking lessons, never-ending vocab learning and support from the whole Modern Foreign Languages Department at Fram, I can safely say that I will be able to get by in a Spanish speaking country!

I am honoured to have been awarded the Moreau Leaving Scholarship and look forward to seeing familiar faces throughout the following years to come. I am excited to hear about what everyone has been doing, whether that be at University, travelling to new places on their gap years, or just simply having a break from all work entirely! Framlingham College has shaped me into someone who appreciates every opportunity given, so I hope to give back and inspire others to feel the same.