Luke Quartermaine

2016 - 2019

I joined Fram, in Kerrison, in year 9 (the first of my family to do so) and it immediately became a second home to me. I was so proud when I was given the role of Head of House four years later, and I enjoyed playing a central role in the House. Throughout my time at Fram I always tried to be involved in House competitions, whether it be house singing, dancing, or rugby!

I always tried my best to take the opportunities that Fram had to offer, including performing in concerts and plays, playing 1st XV rugby, 2nd XI cricket and captaining the 1st XI hockey.

At A-level I studied Maths, History, PE and Chemistry, of which I dropped Chemistry after AS level (a bigger step up from GCSE than I originally thought!). My love of sport grew from doing PE, but having studied Maths I have developed an interest in that too; this has left me with the tricky decision of whether to study Maths or Sport Science at University.

I’m taking a gap-year before I make this big decision, and plan to spend some of the year travelling in Australia, Bali and Asia.