JoJo Maberly

2017 - 2020

I have been a part of the Framlingham College community since the age of 5, when I joined Brandeston in Year One, and my Moreau Leaving Scholarship will ensure that I continue my connection with the school after I leave.

I took part in a wide variety of activities around the school. I was a member of both the Choir and Chamber Choir and in my last year I was appointed Head of Choir. I also sang and performed in school concerts regularly with my guitar or ukulele, often writing and performing my own songs, and I was a member of the school Ukulele Orchestra. I also featured in a large number of school productions and plays.

In my final year I was a member of the Entertainment Committee, which organised Sixth Form Theme Nights and black-tie dinners. The high points were organising a well-attended 6th form ‘Open Mic Night’, where musicians performed in front of their peers, and the Sixth Form Dinner which was a great success.

My prefect role was Head of Pastoral Care, which gave me the responsibility of looking after fellow pupils. In doing so, I helped co-ordinate 120 peer mentors, a role I took very seriously. I completed my silver Duke of Edinburgh award and I am in the process of completing my Gold and I have created great bonds with the people in my group.

For my A-levels I studied Photography, English Literature and Theatre Studies and I have really enjoyed the creative freedom given in these subjects. I am taking a Gap-year before I study filmmaking at Bristol UWE University, during which I hope to travel alone to New Zealand, Australia and possibly Zimbabwe, which is incredibly exciting. In the future I would like to be involved in the film industry, although I am not yet completely sure of a specific role quite yet!

I really enjoyed my time at Framlingham and have every intention of staying in close contact with all my peers through University and onwards. I got on very well with everyone in my year group, as well as in other years, and I hope to continue this connection for future years after we leave. We all have much to be proud of and keeping in close contact after leaving the College will help to cement a bond between us all.