Joe Lipman

2019 - 2022

I was at Framlingham College from the age of 10, when I joined Brandeston Hall, and the Moreau Leaving Scholarship will hopefully ensure that my connection, with the place that has given me so much, remains strong.

After moving up to the College, in Year 9, it instantly became a second home for me. I was determined to grasp all the opportunities on offer and never looked back since joining the school.

I engaged in nearly all parts of College life: from academics, studying French, Russian, Economics and History at A Level, to participation in sports teams, including 1st XV rugby, and various theatre productions, including lead roles in Jekyll and Hyde, and Much Ado About Nothing, as well as Peer Mentoring, the CCF, the History Society and the Exchange programme. It was all great and I loved engaging in so many different parts of school life, which helped me to gain so many different skills and experience.

From September onwards I will be completing a number of internships in London, Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) and Moscow, as well as going on a volunteering scheme in Fiji with Think Pacific, a charity founded by an OF, before going on to travel around South-East Asia. The following year I plan to go to university to study Politics, something that I plan to use as a foundation for my future career.

As for the Moreau Leaving Scholarship, I am extremely excited to do my best to achieve the goals of the scheme. Firstly, keeping the year group together after we leave is key. Through events such as days out playing golf, or organising outings to the Newmarket Nights concerts for example, I plan to make sure that we remain as close as we are now. Secondly, I plan to further promote the relationship of our year group with the rest of the OF society, a collection of individuals that will prove extremely valuable to us as the most recent leavers. Finally, promoting the interests of the school that has given us all so much is crucial, and I plan to do as much as I can to make sure that the key values of the College remains at the core of all the Leavers of 2019.