Georgie Cantrell

2021 - 2024

I am so thankful for everything that the school has given and done for me over the last five years, and so pleased to have the opportunity to give something back.
I took Business for A-level and am looking to do a business marketing course at university because of my love for the promotion, advertising and events management part of the course. My ambition when I’m older is to run my own business within the events sector.
I also took psychology, which helped my personal connections as I looked into the way people think and react to different situations. My third A-level was Art & Photography which allowed me to explore my more creative side, as I was sewing my own fashion line and then coordinated my own runway show. On top of my A-levels, I completed a diploma in sporting excellence through Loughborough University. I like to always keep myself busy and took on as many roles as I could as I have a very open-minded mentality and will always jump at any opportunity that arises.
I was part of the Framlingham college 1st Hockey team from year 9, and this allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and build connections with people in a range of years above me. Similarly, I was a member of the girls’ cricket 1st team from year 9, and this gave me the opportunity to play and meet yet more people. I ended as captain of Fram’s hockey first team and so had many duties of organising and communicating with the team, and to put in practice the skills I’d learnt over the years.
As a Sport and Mathematics Scholar I gained a love for numbers and completing calculations, so the financial aspects or coordinating an event are things that really entice me. In my final year, I was a school prefect in charge of year 9 and also a peer mentor, and I felt that this was recognition that I was someone that people joining Fram could look up to, and would always be there to talk to or to listen when people needed it.
With all the experience I gained throughout my college career, and the friendships not only with my year group, but with OFs and younger peers, I feel that I will be able to excel in organising events and occasions to help bring the year group together in the years to come. I am so grateful for everything that Framlingham College has done for me and how it has set me up for the future, and I know that my five years here are the best years I have ever spent. I will continue to give back in any ways I can and show my appreciation for such a wonderful school.
Being awarded one of this year’s Moreau Leaving Scholarships gives me the chance to put all this into practice, and I’m looking forward to having such an opportunity to stay engaged with my peers, other OFs, pupils and teachers over years to come.

Looking back, there have been so many highlights and good memories of my time at Fram: the hockey tour to South Africa was an amazing experience; then art trips to London; watching World Cup matches with a great crowd in the Headmaster Porter Theatre – Oh, and those hilarious House Dancing and Singing competitions!

I’m going to miss my time at the College so much, but I’m thrilled by all that I have to look forward to in the wider world outside. I’m going to do an internship through the summer, focusing on global commodity trading, and then I shall be looking for a job to earn enough to go travelling from January to May, next year, before starting a degree in Marketing at Bristol University. There will be new friends, and new sporting challenges, but I’m going to make sure I don’t lose touch with all that’s gone before.