Cam Greenhall

2016 - 2019

I joined Framlingham in 2011 as a weekly boarder in Kerrison house. I have loved every minute at Fram and I will miss the school environment terribly. I am both reluctant and excited to leave school and see what the big wide world has to offer! Over the last 5 years, I believe I have contributed a lot to school life, inside and outside of the classroom. Away from my studies I was lucky enough to be captain of the 1st XV rugby and the 1st XI cricket whilst also being Vice-captain of the 1st XI hockey. I loved school sport and leading these teams gave me a huge sense of pride and although it proved to be very challenging, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment on every sports field. Also, I was lucky enough to become a college prefect as Head of Pastoral. This position gave me a tremendous amount of responsibility and I thank the school for giving me that opportunity.

I chose to study Maths, PE and Psychology at A-Level, and I’m hoping to study Sports Psychology at Loughborough or Exeter University starting in September 2017. After my degree I would love to enter a career in sports psychology, as it is a subject which I am incredibly passionate about. But before all of this, I am taking a gap year. During my year out, I will be the Gap Assistant at Brandeston Hall. (Now known as Framlingham Prep School). I cannot wait to start, and as I am staying in the Suffolk area, it shouldn’t be too hard to organise lots of events!

I’ve met an amazing range of people and have made some incredible memories during my 5 years at Framlingham. Time has honestly flown by! I will miss being part of the College, and of Kerrison, as well as our year group. It is strange to think we are leaving and everyone is now heading on their own paths, but I look forward to maintaining my connection to the College and the people I’ve met whilst being here, so I plan to make sure that everyone does their best to stay in touch. I look forward to trying to keep our year together through various events; I already plan on bringing new ideas to the cauldron such as the London 7s. So, in all, I’m excited to try and preserve our friendships and also to see what the Moreau scholarship and the Society of Old Framlinghamians have to offer.