Amy de Selincourt

2019 - 2022

I had the pleasure of enjoying two wonderful sixth form years at Fram, whilst being a part of Moreau House. Fram completely transformed my life, and I am grateful every day for the opportunities that were made available to me. For instance, I had the pleasure of being part of the 1st hockey team, which played a massive part in my time at Fram, building and growing as part of that team has shaped the person that I have become today. We got through to one outdoor national final and the indoor national finals, and then reached the quarter finals in my final year. And, for a bit of balance, I was also lucky enough to be part of the 1st team cricket squad.

As well as loving my sports, I also played a part on the sixth form entertainment committee, which involved me in organising events such a sixth from dinner, numerous theme nights and various other activities. In doing so, I encouraged integration across the whole of the sixth form, which I know will be helpful for me when it comes to organising events as a Moreau Scholar. Moreau House was hugely important to me, and I count myself lucky to have been deputy head of house.

Some memories that stand out for me must be the times that the 1st team hockey girls travelled away for tournaments and games. Being part of the team massively shaped my time at Fram. I won’t forget the hotels rooms that smelt lovely when we got there, but smelt like hockey bags when we left! Another memory that stands out must be sixth form dinner in 2019. Being part of the entertainment committee meant that I was fully involved in the set up and organisation of the evening, which for me made it even more special.

Academically, I studied PE, Photography and Business Studies. I have loved all three of these subjects and I intend to take that focus on business further over the coming years.

Since being at school I have come to realise that I want to take business further, but I am still not sure in what line of work to pursue this. I will spend the next year discovering what I truly enjoy doing, through the form of work experience and potentially earning myself qualifications along the way. Hopefully all this will give me a clearer idea of the direction I’ll decide to take for my future career.

I cannot thank Fram enough for everything it has done for me and the doors it has opened. I will forever be grateful for everything it has offered me and how it has changed my life. I have many amazing memories, and I am very excited to see what the futures holds as an Old Framlinghamian and a Moreau Scholar.