Amelia Slater

2020 - 2023

I joined Framlingham in 2015 as a day pupil in Victoria house, and whilst knowing no-one when I first moved to Fram, I instantly made lifelong friends who I will thoroughly miss seeing every day. I loved every aspect of school life and I will miss the environment terribly. Unfortunately, my final year at Fram was cut short, due to Covid-19, however over the last five years I have contributed a lot to school life. Inside the classroom, my speciality was Fine Art and the art block was one of my favourite places, and where you’d often find me during my free time. I was extremely fortunate to be an Art Scholar in my final two years, which gave me additional support for the subject I loved. For example, having the opportunity to compete and win a certificate of accommodation for my GCSE final piece, at the Ipswich Anna Airy art competition in 2018.

Outside the classroom, I was lucky enough to be joint-captain of the 2nd XI hockey and Vice-captain of the 1st XI netball, as well as being awarded International player of the tournament during the final day of our Dubai netball tour 2018; the school trip still being the highlight of my 5 years at Fram. I loved school sports and playing in these teams gave me a huge sense of unity, sharing my passion with my fellow teammates as well as helping me to gain so many different skills and experiences, and making me who I am today. I was also lucky enough to become a college prefect as Head of Co-Curricular. This position gave me a tremendous amount of responsibility and leadership, and I thank the school for giving me that opportunity (despite my last school year being cut short).

At A level, I chose to study Fine Art, Psychology and Business Studies, and whilst I’m still undecided about my future, I’m hoping to enter a career in creative design and advertising, as it is a subject I am very passionate about. But currently, during these uncertain times of Covid-19, I am taking a gap year. I am an intern at a charity called Art For Cure, alongside working to save money to hopefully go travelling. With luck, this will include joining a volunteering scheme in Fiji with Think Pacific, a charity founded by an OF. I cannot wait for what the future holds and I’m very grateful for Fram supporting me in my creative and sporting adventures.

I’ve met an incredible range of people and have some amazing memories through my five years at Framlingham and I am determined to maintain my, and all of my colleagues’, connections to the College. I am extremely excited to be a Moreau Scholar and to be able to have a role in helping everyone do their best to stay in touch, now that we have left and are moving on with our lives. I look forward to trying to keep our year together through various events; online and offline! I hope and plan to bring new, exciting events to suite everyone’s passions across the whole co-curricular spectrum. I am so thankful for what Fram has taught me and I am very excited to see what the future holds as an Old Framlinghamian and a Moreau Scholar.