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Death of another Society stalwart

Death of another Society stalwart

Norman Mayhew (R48-56) reports “We met John and his friend Gwen, for lunch in Harwich on 29th November 2023. Gwen is the elder sister of Roy Farman (K47-55) who died in New Zealand a year ago. We had a very convivial lunch and John was in good form and seemingly good health. He was taken ill the following Thursday and died the next day Friday 8th December.  His son-in-law, Gary Bridges emailed me the next day with the sad news.”

He was a Vice-President of the Society and past organiser of the Essex OF Supper.

His funeral will be held on Friday 12th January at All Saints Church Dovercourt CO12 4LN at Midday.


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James Ruddock-Broyd

Friday 22 December 2023

John is now one of three OFs I was very close to who died over a recent period of 21 days. We had a special form of address for each other - JGR 1 and JGR 2 which were exactly our initials at the time. Latterly we struck up regular email exchanges of full pages on past happenings at the beginning of Covid. Our first memories together were doing the obligatory Sunday PM walks along the road to Saxtead. Our favourite conversation in later years was the theatre with his lovely wife Angela's regular performances in the fore. A really great easy-to-talk-to fellow and wish he had been my GP. James Ruddock-Broyd G46-52

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