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Creative OF prospering in Vancouver

Creative OF prospering in Vancouver

Caroline Mallett (Hon OF) recently sent out an appeal to those who took part in the 2015 Art Exhibition, for an update on their careers in art and design.  The 2015 Exhibition was put on to mark the 150th anniversary of the College.

Jack Wass (Z94-98) was back in touch to say that he had opened his own art gallery & studio called Oil + Water, in downtown Vancouver, Canada.  He shows his greyscale oil paintings, digital collage prints, and the conceptual art he’s been doing over the past couple of years – see photos below.

The first two photos are his oil paintings, the second two are digital collage pieces under the moniker Jack The Cribber and the last two are examples of his conceptual art.

He can be found on Instagram at @jack_wass_art @jack_the_cribber   @oil_and_water


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