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Celebration of the life of Ian Foster (K46-53)

Celebration of the life of Ian Foster (K46-53)

James Ruddock-Broyd reports : A Celebration of His Life was held at The Farmers Club, London on 9 February 2024. His widow Tessa and daughter Louise attended from Majorca, son Simon from Mexico and son James from Surrey together with their mother/Judy in addition to Ian’s sister Elizabeth from Lewes and Canada and several of the extended family.

Simon led the family tribute followed by recollections from many others and from employee colleagues and friends with a total of some 60 people present.

James Ruddock-Broyd G46-52 represented the President of The Society of Old Franlinghamians and spoke on behalf of a great number of OF friends which Ian had amassed around the world arising from him starting at Junior School of the College in 1946 and continuing for many until his death last year.

Further OF appreciations were given by Richard Sayer and Humphrey Truman especially regarding Ian’s sporting achievements of which the most unusual was organising an England v Australia Test Match in Korea where he spent two Christmases on National Service.

OFs present were –

Michael Wright 44-53

James Ruddock-Broyd 46-52 and Christine

Andrew Wright 48-57 (Past President)

Humphrey Truman 49-52

Roger Marriott 50-54

Richard Sayer 56-61 (Past President)

James read out the names of OFs who asked for their appreciation of Ian’s life to be passed on to the family or who were unable to attend. They were Bernard Bridges (who shared Study 6A with M Wright as well),  Norman Dodd, Simon Dougherty (Past President), Ruth Elwood (Hon Secretary), Chris Essex (Past President), Bruce Henderson, Bob Holland, Dudley Holland, Peter Howard-Dobson (Past President), Kate Jackson (SOF Coordinator), Nick Jacob, Chris Keeble, Andrew Lillie, Ian Marsh, Norman Mayhew, Bobby (GCH) Osborne (Past President), Norman Porter (Past President), Brian Rosen (Ian had worked with brother Anthony) (Past President), Brian Smith (Past President), Clive Smith, Douglas Thomson, Paul Taylor and Dudley Wright.

It was noted Mike Evans 45-48 had died in Majorca 6 days before Ian passed away and that four of the above and Georgina Sayer had to decline at the last minute for health reasons.


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