Two OFs in the political and media news

Two OFs in the political and media news

We’re grateful to Bob Williams (Hon OF) for always keeping his eyes out for OFs making the news.  He writes “OF’s David Bull (Z80-87) and Daisy Cooper (P97-99) have an increasingly strong profiles within the world of politics and the media. It might well be of interest to those who are unaware, that David’s latest incarnation, as one of the regular team of presenters on the relatively new Freeview TALKTV all day current affairs/ rolling news channel – (launched this last April by Rupert Murdoch) has been impressive. Murdoch seems to have swept up a clutch of folk, with certain gravitas, who have been round the block a few times to mould into a really interesting team to interact with the public. David is doing a good job here… (Currently presenting 07.00-10.00 Sat & Sunday mornings, with occasional appearances elsewhere, to cover for other colleagues).

Of further passing interest is the fact that both David and Daisy are currently in post as Deputy Leaders of their respective political parties, David for ‘Reform UK’ and Daisy for the Liberal Democrats. Daisy has, since 2021, been Lib Dems spokesperson on Health, Well-being & Social Care. Both are thus likely to be putting themselves about fairly stridently as the next General Election begins to pre-occupy the nation, whether it creeps up on sooner or later! Daisy featured as a member of the BBC ‘Question Time’ panel on two occasions in 2022, most recently, the programme screened from Winchester in mid-December.”


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