“Three Heroes” tour of Northern France and Belgium – Feb 2014

Amiens will therefore be the starting point of the tour, to be followed by two other main visits; the second to Moreuil Wood, where Lieutenant Gordon Flowerdew (1894-99) led his famous charge in March 1918, and was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross; thirdly, to the battlefield near Ypres, where, in September 1917, Lance Corporal William Hewitt (1984-00) won a Victoria Cross for his action in capturing a German ‘pill box’. It is hoped the tour will also include one of the V1/V2 rocket launch-sites which are now open to the public.
Members of the Flowerdew, Hewitt and Pickard families might join the tour, as may a survivor of the nine planes that took part in Operation Jericho.”
James, and Peter Gasgoyne-Lockwood (R57-64), Tour Guide of Old Country Military & History Tours Inc, are jointly organising the tour, which will take place over five days (to be confirmed), including travel to and from the Continent, and it is hoped that many past and present Framlinghamians will want to join them. Paul Taylor, Headmaster of the College, has expressed his support, and will promote the tour to current pupils and staff.
Expressions of interest are invited from Framlinghamians, who feel fairly certain that they would like to be a member of the tour, and they should please contact James as soon as possible, so that he and Peter can get an idea of potential numbers – they will then be in a position to quote costs.  A minimum of twenty people will be essential, to make the tour viable.  James can be contacted by telephone on 020 8249 1636 or by Email.
Should you have any technical queries about the trip, please get in touch with Peter Gasgoyne-Lockwood. He can be reached by telephone on 01747 828719 or by Email.


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