Sunday Telegraph article mentions 2 distinguished OFs

Update 30 March 2008 : Jim Blythe’s letter to Brough Scott was published in the Sunday telegraph today. Click here to read it.

Original article : You may be interested to know that in Easter Sunday’s Telegraph, Brough Scott wrote a full-page article about his grandfather’s horse, Warrior, and the last great cavalry charge in history, led by Lt Gordon Muriel Flowerdew VC (1894-99). You can read the article here. It also mentions and includes a painting by another distinguished OF, Sir Alfred Munnings KCVO PRA (1891-2).

Jim Blythe is trying to get a letter published in response to the article, which will mention that Flowerdew went to the College.

For more details on Lt Gordon Flowerdew VC click here

For more details on Sir Alfred Munnings KCVO PRA click here


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