Suffolk Supper – 19 October 2013 at the College

The buffet format again proved to be popular, and the £10 price-tag very attractive. It proved to be excellent value for money, with the quality of the food widely appreciated. It was so encouraging to see so many lady and younger OFs.

Emily Heldreich (current student) provided fine musical accompaniment as guests arrived for the reception, while the after-supper highlight was the wonderful singing of Christina Myachina-Johnson (V01-06) who treated us to 4 items, one expertly accompanied by Director of Music, Tim Rhodes on a baroque trumpet. She was accompanied by Charmaine Cooper. This young star of the Prague National Opera showed exactly why she has been landing high profile roles. A wonderful musical interlude.

Attendees :-

Alas, Ana de Luis (Hon 13), Askew, Roger (K 52-56) and Stephanie, Barugh, Melanie, Bellamy, Chris (G 54-64) and guest, Binder, Ed (G 00-09), Blythe, Jim (K 48-54), Bridges, Keith (Hon 13) and Angela, Bryanton, Lucy (Hon 13) and Paul, Burnip, Nigel (S 58-65), Carlton, Nick (G 63-70) and Angela, Chaplin, Nick (Hon 06) and Emma, Curle, Hugh (Z 75-82), Dellow, Mel, Dring, Daniel (G 70-75) and Susie (Hon 10), Dunham, Henry (S 01-06), Easey, Jane (V 87-89), Ellerby, John (G 67-75), Elwood, Ruth (P 80-84), Essex, Chris (K 69-75) and Eryl, Fane, Andrew (Hon 02), Foster, Ian (K 46-53) and Tessa, Fuller, Michael (S 49-58) and June, Gooderham, John (K 44-53) and guest, Gower, Charlotte (P 08-13), Hamilton, Barbara (Hon 06), Hamilton, Gordon (BH), Harrison, Laura, Heldreich, Emily (College), Higgins, Evelyn, Hodge, David (S 44-50) and Gillian, Hogg, Martin (S 63-71), Holland, Dudley (R 45-52) and Jackie, Horton, John (G 56-60) and Jill, Howard-Dobson, Adam (K 93-04), Howard-Dobson, Alaistair (K 90-00) and Catherine, Howard-Dobson, James (K 88-98), Howard-Dobson, Jenny (P 96-03), Howard-Dobson, Peter (R 65-69), Jennings, Joyce (BH), Jordan, Harry (College), Keeble, Chris (S 53-59), Kerr, John (G 53-56), Lawrence, Tony (Hon 91), Martin, Tony (G 47-55), Mason, David (S 55-59) and Anne, Mayhew, Robert (R 53-60) and Diana, Myachin, Viacheslav (S 01-06), Myachin, Christina (V 01-06), Myers-Allen, Alex (R 03-13), Myers-Allen, Helen (Hon 06), Myers-Allen, Martin (Hon 01), Phipps, Steven, Porter, Norman (K 50-57) and Virginia, Rankin, John (K 47-56), Rhodes, Tim (Staff), Rosen, Brian (S 40-46), Rosen, Dominique, Rosen, Rowena, Rosen, Simon (S 64-73), Ruddock-Broyd, James (G 46-52), Russell, Helen (Hon 13) and Duncan, Sampson, Chris (BH), Sampson, Robin (Hon 99), Sayer, Richard (S 56-61) and Georgina, Smith, Brian (S 53-57) and Valerie, Smith, Clive (S 54-58) and Jean, Smy, Michael (S 57-66), Sneath, Chris (K 51-56) and Liz, Tacon, Suzannah (M 88-93), Tacon, Tom (G 88-93), Taylor, Paul (Hon 11), Thomson. Sally (Hon 97), Thurlow, John (K 48-55) and Peggy, Tipping, Malvern (M 73-78), Truman, Humphrey (G 49-52), Vinten, Benjamin (R 04-06), Vinten-Phipps, Pamela (Ex Staff), Waugh, John (K 41-48), Wolton, Alf (K 42-47) and Anne, Wright, Andrew (R 48-57) and Margaret, Wright, Maryanne (BH), Wright, Paul (K 42-50), Wright, Trevor (BH)


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Chris Essex

Monday 27 February 2023

Me too!

Alaistair Howard-Dobson

Friday 24 February 2023

Fond memories of this Supper!

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