Suffolk Anthology

Clive Hedley (G58-67) writes:

My brother Miles (G65-73) and I are compiling an anthology of Suffolk and are appealing to OFs for ideas. The book will be a portrait of Suffolk and we would welcome suggestions for texts or anything unusual. We are both journalists and are looking for a lighter touch (i.e. plenty of humour and not too many ‘worthy’ pieces). We’d be happy to edit any home-grown material. Ideas for pictures would be especially helpful.

So many of you have deep knowledge of the county (I liked that story in the OF magazine about the Rous family who have lived at Dennington Hall for 600 years) and we would like to tap into this rich seam. Feel free to write something yourself!

Any material sent would, of course, be looked after carefully, copied, and returned. Thank you in anticipation.

My email address is:

My postal address: 77 Salford Road, Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire MK17 8HY. Home/Office tel-fax: 01908-585595


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