SOF London Supper – Tuesday 1 July

The London Supper of the Society of Old Framlinghamians was held at The Royal Air Force Club on 1 July 2014 when 32 members attended.  Richard Sayer, President of the Society, was in the chair.   Susan Wessels, Senior Deputy Head Framlingham College, provided an interesting update on recent sporting and other activities at the College. All enjoyed a tasty traditional meal in the splendid surroundings of the President’s Room.

The following were present: R J H Albright, A H Baker, E R Binder, Jenny Binder, R Binder, S Cain, D A Carr, L W L Collard, Clare Dougherty, S R C Dougherty, J N Ellerby, R D Fayers, R Giles, M R K Holden, P C Howard-Dobson, N D G Jacob, C Keeble, A Lillie, J Maberly, I E Marsh, J Mehta, D J Mitchell, N H Porter, J G Rankin, J G Ruddock-Broyd, R J Sayer, B A Smith, C A Smith, C G Sneath, D L Turnbull, Susan Wessels.


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