SOF Appoints New Moreau Leaving Scholars

Candidates for these scholarships propose themselves for selection in their final Autumn term, and then seek support from their peers, other pupils and members of staff, in making recommendations to the OF selection panel. A short-list is selected in the Spring term, and those remaining candidates attend interviews in the Summer term. A long and detailed process intended to identify two young people who have tried their utmost in every aspect of their College life, and who are completely focused on being active representatives of their year-group over the next few years. Scholarships run for three years, and Scholars receive £1,000 a year to help them develop their academic or business careers. They become members of the SOF’s Council and of the Young OFs Group, and are expected to organise at least two social or sporting events each year. Each Scholar has a senior OF member of Council as a personal Mentor, to provide support, guidance and the occasional nudge.

Joe and Amy are splendid examples of the kind of young people the Society hopes to identify, year on year, and they were welcomed into the Society by a number of their new colleagues:


[Picture caption] Left to right: Richard Sayer (past President), David Mallett (chairman of selectors), Amy de Selincourt, Kirsty Wybar (Amy’s mentor), Simon Dougherty (SOF President), Lewis Myers-Allen (Joe’s mentor), Joe Lipman, John Ellerby (past President), Michael Smy (SOF Trustee), Peter Howard-Dobson (mentoring co-ordinator)


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