Recent Appointment/Honours for OFs

Sir Jeremy Sullivan (R59-63) or to give him his correct title Lord Justice Sullivan, has been appointed Senior President of Tribunals. Read his updated distinguished article here.
Brian Potter (R55-58) (pictured) was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June 2012. Read his updated distinguished article here.
James Paice (G60-66) was awarded a knighthood when he stepped down as Minister of State for Agriculture and Food in September 2012. Read his updated distinguished article here.

Last but not least, our very own website wizard Tim Mitchell (R67-77) was on the TV coverage of the Olympic/Paralympic parade through London in September 2012. As a Westminster Councillor Tim was the Lord Mayor of Westminster’s Escort as she officially greeted the athletes when they entered the City of Westminster at Temple Bar.


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