PHAB initiative with the College

Chris Sneath (K51-56) advised the AGM that he had been with a charity named PHAB as trustee for some 40 plus years which was formed to integrate the physically handicapped with able bodied people and whose ideals and aims were spread through 180 clubs throughout the country.

Over the past few years, PHAB has been concentrating on developing clubs through Colleges and Schools. Being important that youngsters of today can understand disability and hopefully in later years can maintain this knowledge through their trust and help.

Last year he worked with Mark Robinson (Deputy Head) at the College and PHAB and created the set up, and were able to launch the first Club at the College on the 26th February. The School were so very enthusiastic and committed to this initiative.

The Club set up would allow disabled youngsters up to the age of 18 to be entertained and helped (for instance computer skills) for two hours every two weeks by senior students.

Whilst the initial meeting had only one disabled person attending, there are now three on the books.

He raising this initiative to publicise the club and advise OF's so that once lockdown had opened up, and restarted, if they did know of any disabled youngster relevant to the club’s aims, they could make recommendations to those that lived reasonably close to the College, so that they could benefit from attending.

Anyone interested should contact PHAB National Development Manager, Janine Williams. 07910 556588 or 01825 749826 or


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