Overseas Bag – Spring 2014

Chris Essex (K69-75) writes: I’ve just completed the mammoth task of putting together all the correspondence I have received from overseas OFs in the last 6 months. This runs to 36 pages covering 24 countries and over 150 OFs are mentioned. A huge thank you to everyone who has been in touch, particularly those who have volunteered to try and organise a 150th anniversary event in their country in 2015. As always it’s only possible to include a small proportion in the Newsletter or Yearbook. I therefore strongly encourage you to read the full version of the Overseas Bags for Spring 2014 in the People section of the website.

Included in the many articles is one about John Birt (S59-63) being awarded his international rugby cap some 45 years after he won it!! You can also see a couple of photos of John’s wonderful house in northern Thailand.

As well as hearing from my regular corresponders, I’m always particularly delighted to hear from any overseas OFs for the first time. So why not get in touch with me and tell your contemporaries what you’ve been up to. Email Chris Essex


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