Overseas Bag 2019

Chris Essex (K69-75) writes: The 2019 Framlinghamian is now starting to land on doormats in the UK and will shortly start arriving abroad.  As usual it will contain a heavily edited version of all the news and photos I have received over the last year from OFs around the world.  For your Christmas reading I have now published the full version of the Overseas Bag for 2019 in the People section of the website. This full edition runs to 29 pages distilled from over 300 emails received/sent over the last year.  It will be emailed to all overseas OFs in the next few days.

The photo featured in this news article shows David Copeman (K42-49) with his wife Ann, being looked after by Bob Holland (R57-65) while visiting Malaysia on a world cruise.

I hope we will see an increased number of reunions being organised around the world in 2019.  As always I will help with mailing lists and publicity but can’t promise to be able to attend them all! If you are interested in helping/attending then please get in touch with me via email


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