OFs honoured on new National Armed Forces Memorial

Update : John Maulden (G45-50) has pointed out that a 3rd OF is featured on this new memorial. The additional person is Karen Buttenshaw (V86-93) who was killed on 29 October 1994 during an Army exercise on Salisbury Plain. Having failed to reach the top of a slope, the Land Rover she was driving rolled back, bounced on to its side and burst into flames. Karen was a 19-year-old student at the time and member of the Oxford University Officer Training Corps. Her passenger, a fellow student, was also killed. See here. There is a memorial tree at Brandeston in her memory.

Original article : On 12 October 2007 the Queen opened the new National Armed Forces Memorial at Alrewas in Staffordshire. This lists all service personnel who have died since World War 2 and includes the following Old Framlinghamians :-

Flight Lt Jack Maulden (R33-38) – see here

Flight Lt Daniel Mann (R56-63) – see here

They are both also included in the Distinguished section of the website at Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice section, under Malaysian Emergency and Subsequent Operations.


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