OFGS v The College

There is some exciting young talent coming through at the College, which bodes well for the future, and is a great credit to Dougal Lyon; most notably at this stage is Archie Winter playing off a handicap of 6! The OF team was not a shabby bunch either, with some younger members and some wise old heads. Thank you to all who took part on a thoroughly enjoyable day, and to the Aldeburgh Club for hosting us in their usual exemplary manner.

College Team: OF Team:

Archie Winter (7&5) vs James Blyth

Josh Lecompte vs Clive Cooksey (2&1)

Ben Swinburn (7&6) vs Barry Hitchcock

Julian Schenk (A/S) vs Mike Spencer (A/S)

Harry Dorber (1up) vs Robin Anderton

Jonty Lecompte vs James Brocks (7&6)

Jake Swinburn vs Martin Lamb (4&3)

Alex Gordon vs Vernon Brown (5&3)

Jolyon Summers (A/S) vs Brian Evans (A/S)

Hubie Watt vs Norman Porter (won!)

Dougal Lyon vs Jonny Newton (3&2)

Tom Huggins (5&4) vs Ian Bryce

If this has whetted the appetite of any OF golfers out there, young or old, who want to join the Society, please contact David Turnbull, our Honorary Secretary, or myself, Hugh Curle, OFGS Captain.


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