OF attempting the first unsupported crossing of Papua New Guinea

In March 2014 Richard Johnson (S2003-05) and his friend Patrick Hutton will attempt to complete the first unsupported human powered crossing of Papua New Guinea. Starting in the northern town of Vanimo they will cut inch by inch through dense jungle until arriving at the Star Mountains. They will then navigate through this unmapped mountain range until arriving at one of the Fly River’s tributaries. Once there, they will build a boat and paddle until they reach Daru and thus completing their 1000 mile 6 month historical expedition.

Through the expedition they aim to raising money for international charity Childfund. Childfund organise immunisation patrols to remote rural areas throughout Papua New Guinea and deliver essential vaccinations to children.

Richard and Patrick have undertaken a number of challenges, including cycling over 2000 miles from London to Marrakech, crossing the Gobi Desert by camel, climbed mountains in the Andes, cycled the length of China, navigated the entire Amazon river, completed an Ironman, filmed at extreme altitude in the Himalayas and climbed Kilimanjaro!

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