Multiple Marathon Runner

Stephen Young (K2001-06) writes: I am an OF who also currently still has a brother studying in his last year at the College (Chris). Since leaving the College, I spent some time in Italy playing rugby for a side called Olimpic Roma Rugby, and am now currently in my second year at Cardiff University reading Spanish and Italian.

Recently, I was offered a Golden Bond place to run for a charity called Task Brasil, to run in this year’s London Marathon. I will also be running two other events (The Llanelli Half Marathon and the Reading Half Marathon) in March, in order to fundraise more for the charity. If any OF would be interested in sponsoring me please click here

I have been set the target of raising £1,000 by Task Brasil. This charity aims to improve the lives of street children and teenagers who live and work on the streets of Brazil by motivating them towards education, professional training, music, arts and sports, encouraging social skills and emotional bonds by teaching ethical, moral and civic ideals. Having lived in Brazil for 3 years before starting at the College, this charity is a very personal one to me.

If you have any queries or wish to find out more information about the events I will be running in, please email me.


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