Memories of the old Tuck Shop – who can you spot?

Memories of the old Tuck Shop – who can you spot?

Norman Porter (K50-57) has dug out a picture of the old Tuck Shop at the College (passed on to him by Tony Martin (G47-55) many years ago) and needs your help.

He thinks Tony’s brother (Peter Martin (G49-54)) is in the middle with wavy hair, with Richard Wilson (G53-56) to his left with dark hair. Norman thinks he can also spot a Gooderham, Smallpeice, Mitchell, Shaw and Williman.

Who can you spot in the attached (click here for larger version) and email Norman at who will report back when close to completion.

Norman observes that they must have all been hungry! He has fond memories of the old Tuck Shop and of Sergeant Major Howard, doubling up, tripling up really, as Tuck Shop Manager, PE supremo and CCF, are particularly interesting.


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