Melbourne OF Sundial + new SOF Benches

FURTHER UPDATE : The area where the sundial has been repositioned to and restored has recently been enhanced with the addition of 2 benches donated by the SOF. The benches are made of 100% recycled plastic and were built by adults with disabilities in Ipswich. Click here to see a picture of the area next to the old headmaster’s house.

UPDATE: Further to the earlier article, I’m delighted to report that the sundial has now been fully restored and the whole area has been laid with lawn and paving slabs, making it very attractive to students and visitors alike.

Original Article: We thought OFs, particularly those in Australia, would be interested to know that the College are in the process of tidying up the garden and cutting back some of the hedging so that students can have a much better view of the sundial. They are also planning to refurbish the actual sundial by the end of half-term February 2011. The sundial was presented by the Melbourne Branch OFs to the College in March 1983.


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