London Supper Report – 5th July 2011

The President, Simon Dougherty, spoke about the activities of the Society and recent developments, before inviting Andrew Fane, Chairman of the Governors, to speak about Brandeston and the College. Andrew gave a most interesting and encouraging review of the past two years at the schools under Paul Taylor.
Our sponsoring member of the Farmers Club is James Ruddock-Broyd (G 46-52), and we are most grateful for his efforts in making the Farmers Club available for the Meetings and the Supper.
Those present:
Simon Dougherty G 60-67, Andrew Fane, Michael Beverly G 65-69, Ed Binder G 00-09, Nigel Burnip S 58-65, David Carr S 67-74, Neil Davis G41-50, John Ellerby G 67-75, Chris Essex K 69-75, Jeremy Ford S 92-97, Jon Ford S 58-62, Richard Graves S 78-82, Chris Hall G 65-69, Keith Handley S 47-53, Michael Holden G 52-59, Peter Howard-Dobson R 65-69, Nick Jacob K 67-75, Chris Keeble S 53-59,David Mason S 55-59, Ian Marsh S 48-52, Tim Mitchell R 67-77, Richard Overend S 51-57, Norman Porter K 52-57, James Ruddock-Broyd G 46-52, Brian Smith S 53-56, Clive Smith S 54-58, Douglas Thomson K 53-61,  Matthew Truman R 92-97, David Turnbull R 54-59, Tony Ward R 91-96, John Waller S 70-75, Andrew Wright R 48-57.  


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