London Supper Report – 31st January 2012

Mr Taylor gave an outline of the  planning that was in progress to commemorate the 150th  anniversary of the founding of the College and spoke very positively about the achievements of the College and its pupils. All most interesting and very well received.
The sponsoring member of the Farmers Club is James Ruddock-Broyd and we are very grateful  to him for making the Farmers Club available for the Council Meetings and the Supper.
Those present :
Simon Dougherty  G 60-67,  Paul Taylor,  Mrs Susan Webber,  Andrew Baker G 59-67, Charles Benson S 45-54,  Ed Binder G 00-09,  Jim Blythe K48-54,  Nigel Burnip S 58-65, David Carr S 67-74,  Bill Collard S 55-58,  Martin Coomber S 59-64,  Peter Coomber  S 51-56, Neil Davis G41-50,  John Ellerby G 67-75,  Chris Essex K69-75,  Roger Fayres G 56-61, John Gooderham K 44-53,  Keith Handley  S 47-53,  Peter Howard-Dobson R 65-69, Chris Keeble S 53-59,  Barry Lorkin S 54-57,  David Mason S 55-59,  Ian Marsh  S 48-52, Tim Mitchell R 67-77,  Richard Overend  S 51-57,  Simon Percival K 71-77,  Mrs Kirsten Percival, Norman Porter K 52-57,  John Rankin S 51-56,  James Ruddock-Broyd  G 46-52, Richard Sayer  S 56-61, Brian Smith  S 53-56,  Clive Smith S 54-58,  Douglas Thomson  K 53-61, John Wood  S 56-61,  Andrew Wright  R 48-57.


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