"Let’s Just Do It"! – Harrison and Morgan set the pace

Andy Morgan (G86-91) and Charles Harrison (G83-89)are fed up with just talking to their many OF friends about some sort of year-group event, they’ve been doing this for ages – but that’s all it’s ever been, talk.

Now they mean business. They’re not sure what the event will be; karting followed by a meal somewhere is one suggestion, but it could be anything. They have no preconceptions, either, about location. What they’d like is lots of feedback from OFs who left between 1988 and 1992 (or, frankly anyone at all) and to make something happen before the end of this year.

Please contact either of them by phone: Andy (07798 743430) or Charles (07929 174456), or by e-mail or

The more the merrier. Please let them know ASAP if you would be interested in getting involved, and with ideas and suggestions for the type of event and location.


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