Inaugural OF Christmas Rugby Match

With regards to kit, as this is the first one – players will have to bring their own. So, this is what we would like you to bring:

OF ‘Suffolk’ XV:
Please bring – a sky/light blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks.
OF ‘Rest of the World’ XV:
Please bring – a red shirt, white shorts and red socks.
To cover particular costs (the ground staff, catering, insurances etc.) we ask that each player pays just £5 towards the event, and donations from supporters would of course be greatly appreciated, just to help cover these costs – we are happy to collect the money from the players on the day. And, please note that the kick-off time is now 2pm and not, as the Facebook event says, at 12 noon. The field it will be played on has also changed – the game will now be played on Lords.
Note: The weather isn’t looking too promising at the moment, so keep an eye on the Facebook Event page for regular updates!
During the match, we will be using a rolling subs system, so everyone will get a decent run out! With regards to the Captaincy of the two teams, we have decided that it might best for the teams to decide amongst themselves.
The teams so far are as follows:
OF ‘Suffolk’ XV:
(1) Joe Gallina, (2) James Gowing, (3) Henry Moffatt, (4) Alex Summers, (5) Alex Dowell, (6) Greame Cleeve, (7) Will Tew, (8) Alex Cape, (9) Jasper Mayhew, (10) James Pearson, (11) Tom Turner, (12) Matt Gardner, (13) Jack O’Brien, (14) Ali Norman, (15) Ed Binder.
(16) Dan Kiernan, (17) Hugh Chapman, (18) Olly Edwards, (19) Jack Abbott, (20) Tom Osmanski, (21) Will Megone, (22) Andrew Barr.
OF ‘Rest of the World’ XV:
(1) Charlie Davidson, (2) Dicky Wong, (3) Scott Pocock, (4) Peter Lawrence, (5) Alex Skitch, (6) Toby Tibbenham, (7) Greg Gaughan, (8) Freddy Whitfield, (9) Matt Piercy, (10) Ben Gowing, (11) Tom Dunnett, (12) Will Hayes, (13) Tom Gaughan, (14) Mark Stacpoole, (15) Tom Claydon.
(16) James Mee, (17) Kamal Shaddad, (18) Luke Berry, (19) Rupert Elmes, (20) Ben Davies.
Further details about the event will be sent out via Facebook in the next couple of days, but for now – we thought that it would be best to make you aware of the team selections. We have included some names who are attending/maybe attending the match on the 18th December who we know have a strong rugby history while at the College, who we thought may also be interested in playing.
And finally, if for any reason you are unable to play, please let us know ASAP so we can make the necessary changes.
If there are questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Ed Binder.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Thank you, 


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