Herts OFs & the Great Burt-Wornham Cricket Series

The rules stayed the same as the previous year: pairs bat for 5 overs. Every time a batsman is “out” he loses 5 runs from the team total, but stays at the crease.

It was clear from the off that team Burt had roped-in a healthy side of minor-county cricketers who had been given the weekend off. Nevertheless the hosting team amassed a 260 run target which would have been all the more respectable if not for the loss of some foolish wickets during the innings.

At the interval, Tami Wornham provided a wonderful tea before Burt took to the wicket. His team of semi-professionals dominated from the first delivery, victory the only result worth settling for. Despite some energetic fielding and ambitious bowling, Burt’s team destroyed the hosts for the third consecutive year. Top score went to Peter Mayo ((K90-95) Chairman Of Young Lord’s Taverners) and best bowling to Brett Emblin ((K89-93) MCC).

All retired to Lye End Farm for an evening meal al fresco and just a few drinks.

This year saw a record 19 OFs from different eras and, were it not for the Le Mans 24hr race, numbers would have been higher.

Next year’s event will take place on 16th June 2007.

Those in attendance included:
Thomas Wornham (K 86-92)
Tami Wornham (V 88-94)
Peter Burt (K 86-91)
Martin Pedler (R 86-93)
Brett Emblin (K86-93)
Nicholas Lee (G86-94)
Peter Mayo (K 89-94)
Andrew Kershaw (K 87-92)
James Brocks (K 81-91)
Tom Bunting (R 90-95)
Marcus Booth (Z 90-95)
John Tooke (G 88-93)
Matthew Crook (S 86-92)
Christian Everett (K 89-94)
Anna Holloway (M 89-92)
Matthew Carlick (G 88-96)
Duncan Cork (G89-94)
Sharon Hale (Nee. Gemmill)(M 90-92)
Peter Howard Dobson (R 65-69) – mind you, he only turned up for Tami’s Tea!


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