Hertfordshire Event – Saturday 17 June 2006

This years Hertfordshire OF sports day will be taking place at Sandon cricket ground, near Buntingford situated close to the A10. Once again the mighty Wornham team will take on the Burt collective in a 30 over battle. There are still a few individuals required for each side if anyone is feeling adventurous enough.

The first delivery will be bowled on the stroke of 1400hrs only to be interupted for tea. In previous years the match draws to an all to often thrilling climax around 1800hrs when all the athletes collapse through physical exhaustion. This years evening entertainment will be held at Lye End with plenty of food and drink.

We have many OF’s playing this year. We all completed our schooling between the years of 1991 – 1996. Everyone is welcome, partners included. The whole day will cost £20 per person and less for those who are only staying for refreshments. We also require a skilled and impartial score keeper. The Burt team have been successful for quite a few years and I believe something is not quite right!

Please contact Tom Wornham via e-mail:


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