Here – Summer 2006

Here – Summer 2006

David Mayhew (R 87-92), whose recent wedding is reported elsewhere, is a photographer specialising in landscapes. After obtaining a degree in Industrial Design and Manufacture at Loughborough University, David spent five years working for Fiat in Turin, Chicago and Watford before concentrating on photography. His new wife Jennifer is a lawyer specialising in insurance fraud.

Paul (Harry) Demko (S 74-79) sends a biography of his career, 25 years being spent as a detective in London, the last 11 of which were at Scotland Yard. He was attached to the International and Special Casework, Extradition Unit and the set up of the Special Enquiry Team, which is responsible for the arrest of high profile and establishment figures. His last post was as a financial investigator, seizing the assets from organised crime, terrorists, and drug cartels. On leaving Scotland Yard to pursue a career within the Security Consulting arena Harry was awarded a certificate of exemplary service.

He was commended by the FBI for the arrest of the Al Qaeda terrorists in London, responsible for the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassy bombings before 9/11. He has travelled extensively around the globe representing Scotland Yard and gave evidence in Australia against a Vietnamese Triad he had arrested in London for a triad murder in Melbourne.

Throughout his service at Scotland Yard he liaised, shared intelligence with and maintained excellent relationships with US Secret Service, Customs, DEA and FBI, European Police Forces, Interpol and UK law enforcement agencies. He was responsible for the collation of information, compiling and delivering reports for intelligence purposes, maintained liaison with the Appeal Court and Judges and managed workloads of a highly sensitive nature in respect of the UK Security Intelligence Services.

He directed operations involving the Judiciary, Courts, Ministers of Parliament, Customs & Excise, Royal Family, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, right wing literature, murders abroad, Jury nobbling, Arts, Antique, Cheque and Credit Card enquiries.

His last major role was running the hospital and victim liaison for the London bombings in 2005 and latterly directed the observations on the terrorists who were arrested for the bombs that failed to explode.

Since 2006 Harry has been a Director of NorseStar; a discrete and bespoke security consulting company based in Central London.


Simon Newbery (Z 79-86) reports that his father Paddy Newbery Hon OF, Master of Brandeston Hall (80-85), is enjoying his retirement in Somerset with his wife Judith and is delighted to find his name listed on the OF website among the Honorary OFs.

Simon has been promoted to Managing Director of Orchard Toys and the company is now relocating from Nottingham to Wymondham in Norfolk. He is looking forward to moving to East Anglia and once again spending some time in Suffolk.

His brother Jon Newbery (R 79-84) became a Chartered Accountant after graduating in Physics at Nottingham University and, having spent most of the 1990s working in Poland, moved to Sydney in 2000, together with his wife and three children. He finds the lifestyle there much to his liking.


James Wright (K 94-2001) has just graduated with a 2:1 in Computer Sciences from the University of Middlesex and Ben Kendall (G 98-2001), son of Mark Kendall, (Housemaster of Kerrison), has also gained a 2:1 in Modern Languages from the University of Durham. Ben is going on to Sandhurst and is currently on a cycling tour in eastern Europe.


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